Seeking swimmer for team / duo

Im available to join a team if anyone needs a swimmer I never swim to rotto before however i swim almost everyday and keen to give it a shot Leo-0420214160
Hi Please let me know if anyone is looking for a team member for the P2P - I'm quietly confident so my training is in full swing. thanks
Sorry I forgot to add my contact details on the previous post - 0427 223 330 thanks
If anyone needs a team member for the Port to Pub then give me a shout. I’m an experienced ocean swimmer, swam solo to Rotto last year and keen to join a team or duo this year. Have fun out there 0497095730
Hi, the team I was swimming with has fallen through so if you need a swimmer for a team or duo let me know. I’ve done Rotto in a team before and train 15km’s/week with my local triathlon club. Cheers, Helen 0411950393
I'm looking to join a quad tem if anyone is looking for a team member .I'm in training but it is my first time,

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