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Port to Pub News

Empower someone to WIN


We all know how amazing it feels to cross the finish line at Rottnest Island after completing the Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub. Being greeted by the cheers of our incredible and supportive community is just the start.

We know that many of you would not have thought it possible until you started training!

That’s why this year we’re encouraging you to ‘Raise The Challenge’ and empower someone you know to start training for the 2018 event. If they accept – you both go into the draw to WIN!

Registrations Open for a Swim for All!

After two years of attracting a broad range of high profile to recreational swimmers, the Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub organisers and participants are ‘raising a challenge’ for everyday Western Australians to start training to swim from Perth mainland to Rottnest Island on Saturday 17 March 2018.

2018 Port to Pub sponsors

We’ve been lucky to secure the support of some fantastic sponsors again.

We’re grateful for the ongoing support of our naming rights sponsor, Hotel Rottnest. The Port to Pub finishes right in front of the Hotel and the Hotel Rottnest team are busy planning the perfect finish line atmosphere to make it one of the best days of your year!


Three more sleeps! You will be so excited/nervous, and getting up so early, that you probably won’t sleep much Friday night - so you will be taking part in the Port to Pub before you know it!

Make sure you are prepared for any weather and ocean conditions, and for a longer-than-expected swim. Then, on the day, when it’s beautiful weather, calm conditions, and you get there in sub 5 hours, you will have even more reason to celebrate at the Hotel Rottnest.

Swimmer Nutrition Tips with David Bryant

Home stretch now, here we go!

Assuming you have taken all my nutrition advice on board and in particular have TRIALLED all your pre/during/post-race nutrition in training, then you are one step ahead of the pack.

Also use it as a little confidence boost pre-race when the nerves to start to creep in that you have prepared and fuelled your body as well as you could have to make it to the swim across the PUB.

Meet Our Sponsors: Total AMS (TAMS)

Competitors and support crews in the 2017 Port to Pub swim come together at the all-important 1500 metre mark of the race. This year the TAMS Tugboat will once again provide a highly visible waypoint, in TAMS’ second year of sponsoring the swim.

Swimmer Nutrition Tips with David Bryant

You wouldn’t try a new swim stroke on race day, so why try new foods on race day?

The Port to Pub is rapidly approaching so now is the time to start thinking about the foods you’ll be trying the days before, the night before, the morning of and during the iconic swim.

Race Week

- Don’t change your diet dramatically in the week leading up to race day.