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Port to Pub News

Team Profile - Legs Eleven

Team Legs Eleven is likely to be one of the more remarkable teams in the Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim this year.

The instigator and main driver of the six-man team is Garry Lymn. Garry recently had to have his left leg amputated above the knee and, to prove he's kept his good sense of humour, decided to name his team ‘Legs Eleven’. A keen swimmer for over four decades, Garry was back in the pool training just two months after surgery and is determined to successfully lead his team across the Channel to Rottnest Island.

Hypothermia - Signs and Treatment

One of the biggest risks in swimming over long distances is hypothermia. Before your Port to Pub swim, it is crucial you know what it is, signs and symptoms, and how to treat it.

Hypothermia is a significant risk for solo swimmers who are in the water for a very long time, but similarly teams of four and six, whose members are spending a lot of time on the boat and exposed to the wind.

January 2016 Nutrition Tips

You should be well and truly in the thick of training by now with the inaugural Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim fast approaching. As training continues to ramp up, it is a great time to start trialling your race day nutrition so that on race day, your body is used to consuming food/fluids whilst swimming.

January 2016 Physio Tips

Injury prevention

The most common injuries associated with open water swimming/long distance swimming can include:

-Shoulder impingement
-Tendinopathy of the rotator cuff
-Upper back stiffness/pain
-Neck tightness and pain