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The role of the skipper is arguably the most important on Port to Pub day. Skippers control all matters related to their boats and are responsible for the safety and well-being of their swimmer/s, paddler/s, and support crew. Skippers are the key to a safe and successful crossing for all participants. Skipper responsibilities include: Course…


Time is flying! Here’s our handy 20 day checklist to ensure you are ready to go on race day (and, in case you missed it, read our 30 day checklist here): Finalise your registration: You’ve got until the close of registration to complete your registration details. This includes all boat and skipper information; all team members registered; […]


Port to Pub’s training, nutrition, and physiotherapy advisors can help you achieve your very best.     Training Programs Ceinwen Roberts, Port to Pub Founder; Champion Open Water Swimmer; Coach, Positive Swim Squad   Swimmer Nutrition Claire Ricciardo, APD, Sports Dietitian     Training Opportunities Visit Swimming WA and Masters Swimming WA for information on upcoming events, qualifying swims, and training…


Hold a pre-race meeting Meet with your swimmer/s, skipper, and support crew members prior to race day to go over the schedule, wave times, start line comms, logistics, safety, food plan, post-swim plan, and more. The pre-race meeting helps to align expectations. Prep your crew accordingly Assign specific roles to each person on the support…