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The role of the skipper is arguably the most important on Port to Pub day. You are the key to a safe and successful crossing for all participants. If this is your first Port to Pub, we recommend getting to know your swimmer or team of swimmers, as lifelong friendships are made from successful crossings.…


FINA Rules for open water swimming apply to the 19.7km and 25km ultra-marathon, in regards to swim suits, feeding and drafting. FINA rules may change from time to time. It is the responsibility each swimmer to ensure compliance. Solos (19.7km only), duos, teams of 4 and teams of 6 categories may swim with assistance (wetsuit),…


Team Planning The boat skipper is in control and responsible for the safety and well-being of the swimmer(s) and at all times must follow all event rules and be aware of fellow skippers and their swimmers. Setting the course: your skipper sets the course, and swimmers and paddlers must follow that course. We recommend you…


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