Seeking swimmer for team / duo

Im available to join a team if anyone needs a swimmer I never swim to rotto before however i swim almost everyday and keen to give it a shot Leo-0420214160
Hi Please let me know if anyone is looking for a team member for the P2P - I'm quietly confident so my training is in full swing. thanks
Sorry I forgot to add my contact details on the previous post - 0427 223 330 thanks
If anyone needs a team member for the Port to Pub then give me a shout. I’m an experienced ocean swimmer, swam solo to Rotto last year and keen to join a team or duo this year. Have fun out there 0497095730
Hi, the team I was swimming with has fallen through so if you need a swimmer for a team or duo let me know. I’ve done Rotto in a team before and train 15km’s/week with my local triathlon club. Cheers, Helen 0411950393
I'm looking to join a quad tem if anyone is looking for a team member .I'm in training but it is my first time,
Hi there! I swam last year first time in a team of four to Rotto and loved it! My team missed out an a spot this year and can't make P2P. I'm very keen to join team of four or six. The ones above: we would make a team, shall we? Please contact me on 0435147377, cheers, Sim
Hi, Available to join a duo for port to pub. I attempted solo for rotto this year but got pulled during the shark sighting. Was sitting on 23 mins per km at the 12km mark
Hi Daniel. Are you also interested in a team of four? Sim
Hi Sim, yes i am open to that also
Great! Please contact me on 0435147377. Would you know a skipper with boat? Registration closes 1.3. so need to be quick!
Hi, Looking to join team. Did the Rotto swim as a duo this year and have previously swum in a team. Let me know if anyone is keen: 0422346589 Thanks Katherine :)
Looking to join a team should a spot come up. training and competing in OWS WA. 0447977468

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