K&L Gates Corporate Cup is back!

K&L Gates Corporate Cup

Duos and teams are eligible to take part in the K&L Gates Corporate Cup.* To qualify for the Corporate Cup, just one person of the duo/team needs to be an employee of the represented company. Just check the box on your registration form to let us know you’re part of the Corporate Cup and which company you’re representing.

The winning team scores a prestigious trophy for the office as well as a cash prize, bragging rights on the Terrace, and a framed photo to prove your achievement!

K&L Gates is a full-service international law firm with a committed and active sports law practice that fields a well-rounded team. K&L Gates collaborates with some of the most well-known local, national and international sports teams, brands, organisations, and of course…Port to Pub!

Thank you K&L Gates for your support—we are so pleased to have a team with a specialist sports law practice on board as our legal adviser.

*Note that assisted duos/teams are not eligible to compete in the K&L Gates Corporate Cup.

2024 Corporate Cup Participants


Adam Levine
K&L Gates
[email protected]


Ben Kiernan-Green
Senior Associate
K&L Gates
[email protected]