2016 - what a year it was! 

We could not have been happier with the inaugural Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim. The weather on the day improved and turned into perfect swimming conditions, allowing for some very fast times to be recorded.

The whole atmosphere of the day was happy and relaxed, and we hope it was thoroughly enjoyable for all involved.

We were delighted to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the first recorded swim crossings to Rottnest. Moreover, we had two of the original swimmers in that 1956 race involved in the Port to Pub event – original race winner Trevor Seaborn who sounded the horn to start the teams, and Les Stewart who, at over 80 swam in a team and became the oldest person to swim across the Channel. Will Les give it another go in 2017?!

We eagerly awaited the finish of the 25km ultra-marathon swim. The longest and one of the toughest swims in Australia is a big undertaking for any swimmer. Bradley Smith won the category with a seriously fast paced 5:34:33. Coming in first for the women was 22-year-old swimming superstar Rebekah Weller, who finished in 6:08:57.

We celebrated as fast paced duo team Jaime Bowler and Ben Hewitt became the first to cross the finish line.

Sian Williams won the solo swim in 4:57:51, beating everyone else in that category by almost 20 minutes. Kieren Jon Lawrenson won the men’s category in 5:15:51.

Hotel Rottnest was the perfect venue for swimmers, crew and spectators to enjoy the afternoon applauding the finishing swimmers. Presentations and an after party followed, wrapping up a brilliant day and a successful inaugural Port to Pub event.

We look forward to your participation again in 2017!



Oct 14 2016 - 7:00am