2017 Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub launches as 'A Swim for All"

Here at Port to Pub, we’re so excited to launch the 2017 Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim. The first event was a great success. One of the continual pieces of feedback we’ve had was that the atmosphere of the swim was relaxed and fun. That’s exactly what we wanted the event to be, and we intend to keep it that way.

 The Port to Pub is a seriously competitive event for swimmers, while being a swim that swimmers of all capabilities can aspire to do. We saw that in the inaugural event where we had the likes of Bradley Smith romping in first place in the 25km ultra-marathon, and Olympian Eamon Sullivan’s speedy ‘Dream Team’ of six crossing the finish line in just over 4 hours. 

Yet it was the over 10-hour swim of 59-year-old Di Twigg that inspired so many as she swam towards the finish line to rousing applause. It proved the Port to Pub really is a Swim for All.

 One of the highlights of the event has been to honour the first ever crossings of the Rottnest Channel in 1956. Port to Pub recreates that swim as closely as possible and it’s exciting to give swimmers the chance to create history and records once again.

 In 2017, we hope to see more entries and we’re counting on some big names in swimming to join us - stay tuned for the exciting details! The Hotel Rottnest is the perfect location to celebrate your achievements with your team and support crew.

There's prize money on offer again in 2017, and all swimmers will receive a shirt, towel and hat on the day. You can kit out your support crew in some of the great merchandise available to purchase this year, which can be ordered via the registration forms or on the Port to Pub website.

So grab some friends, get registered and start training – we promise you will have the best day ever

Oct 14 2016 - 7:45am