2017 Port to Pub Captured by Artist

At Port to Pub we’ve been very lucky to have artist Katie Glaskin design a special linoprint especially for the 2017 Port to Pub.

Fremantle-based Katie is an anthropologist and a painter who began to explore linocut printing in 2016. Linocut prints (linoprints) are created through carving a design on a piece of lino. The carved lino is inked with a roller and either hand-printed or put through a proper printing press to create a print which reverses the original image.

The design emerged through thinking about North Fremantle, Leighton Beach, the sea, the swimmers and the paddlers that would be making their way from one place to the other during the race.

It also includes the iconic Dingo Flour mill, which is a landmark for swimmers and boaties alike and a prominent feature of the North Fremantle landscape.

The Port to Pub Committee would like to thank Katie for letting it use her wonderful artwork to represent the 2017 Port to Pub swim.

Mar 9 2017 - 5:45pm