Art Created Just for Port to Pub

We are so lucky to have the work of Perth-based digital artist Lizzie Marinko feature on the competitor hoodies and towels this year. The piece is created from a photo taken of the 2017 mixed team of four wave start on Leighton Beach.

Lizzie was drawn to the colour of the early morning, the light of the sky, and the pink swim caps that added a ‘splash’ of colour to the photo. “ I love the sense of anticipation this photo captures before the start gun, as well as the composition and unique body language of each swimmer."

To create this piece, Lizzie uses digital software to first play with the composition, lighting and colour of the photo before abstracting it. The drawing process then begins, using a digital pen and tablet, Lizzie creates an entirely new drawing composed of individually drawn straight-edge vector shapes, using the abstracted image as a template. The result is a detailed mosaic of vibrant colour and clean lines. This particular piece took around 50 hours to produce.

Originally qualifying and working as a landscape architect, Lizzie eventually took those skills and moved into digital 3D modelling and texturing. She had the opportunity to work on film and set design in Sydney, utilising her visual and creative skills, together with her ability to read architectural drawings for sets. This move saw her work on major films such as Star Wars, with Director George Lucas and also alongside Director Baz Lurhmann for a short period. 

Returning to Perth in 2005 to start a family, Lizzie embarked on her latest venture.  She started creating digital art from photos, particularly faces and animals, and now specialises in portraits land landscapes, having a particular passion for designs that include the water. The digital format of her work means it can be printed on fabric, canvas, acrylic and wall paper.

We are so grateful to Lizzie for creating this year’s Port to Pub signature art piece. Lizzie has been a supporter of Port to Pub since the event started, is back again as a volunteer in 2018. Thanks so much, Lizzie! If you’d like a copy of this work, or to see Lizzie’s other designs, or to talk to Lizzie about getting your own piece done, you can contact her via email, or call 0402 213 428, or visit her website at


Feb 15 2018 - 2:00pm