Austral Fisheries: A Home-Grown Leader in Sustainable Seafood

We’re thrilled to welcome back Austral Fisheries as one of our major event sponsors in 2020.

Austral is one of Australia’s largest integrated commercial fishing companies with interests in both deep-sea fishing and at-sea prawning. Austral has been a sponsor since Port to Pub began and has the important role of presenting sponsor for the 25km ultra-marathon solo crossing. The 25km event is the longest open water swim in the Southern Hemisphere. Austral supports us, and we love that Austral also loves the ocean, and takes good care of it too.

In addition to Austral Fisheries products being certified through the world’s highest sustainability rating – Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) - Austral was the first and, to this date only, fishing company in the world to be granted Carbon Neutral certification. In its operations, Austral measures its carbon emissions and offsets them by planting roughly 200,000 trees annually in Western Australia’s Eastern Wheatbelt. Austral hopes it can guide and inspire others to look after the environment and act on reducing and offsetting their emissions to fight the effects of rising global temperatures.

Austral specialises in deep-sea fishing for its coveted Glacier 51 Toothfish, found in Australia’s sub-Antarctic waters. Up to the Northern Prawn Fishery and Austral’s wild-caught Skull Island Tiger Prawns and Karumba Banana Prawns are caught in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria. More recently, Austral has begun operations in the Timor Reef Fishery, where it catches snapper and other tropical fish species.

So, if you’re considering a seafood feast this summer, consider Austral Fisheries products, knowing that you’ll be getting the best quality seafood with the confidence you’re buying from a company committed to providing and maintaining a sustainable future of seafood. Contact

In the meantime, you’ll find a few of the Austral team training for the 2020 Channel 7 Port to Pub with Hotel Rottnest. Austral enters teams in the Port to Pub every year . In 2020, Theo Kailis is leading a team of six and Sam Colvin is racing in a duo team again!

Jan 16 2020 - 1:30pm