Bindi Nutrition

At Port to Pub, we try and support and champion our local businesses, and we were delighted to be able to involve sports nutrition products manufacturer Bindi Nutrition in our 2017 event. Bindi Nutrition is based Busselton in the South West of Western Australia. Right on the coast, Busselton is a popular sporting event destination, and the community is full of dedicated athletes who enjoy a heathy, active lifestyle. The 3.6km Busselton Jetty Swim has been held every year since 1996, and the SunSmart IRONMAN is a qualifier for the IRONMAN World Championships.

In December 2016, Belinda Dennis, the founder and owner of Bindi, finished the IRONMAN in Busselton, placing second in her age group. This result qualified her for the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kaliua-Kona, Hawaii in October this year. Amazing!

Competing in such events means Belinda is top of her game when it comes to sports nutrition, and, of course, fuels herself with the Bindi products she invented.

Bindi is another story of a successful business stemming from a need for something better in the market. In Belinda’s case, it was the availability of good quality, natural, healthy, Australian-made sports nutrition products.

At the time, she was a vet working in small animal practice in Busselton. She had always kept fit and played a lot of sport, but after having her three children, started competing more seriously in triathlons.

The only sports nutrition products she could find on the market that suited her requirements needed to be imported from the US. The idea to start a business here in WA was formed.

Belinda used her background in science to develop formulas for a natural sports drink containing a specific range of electrolytes, with low sugar (30% less than other products on the market), with plant-based flavouring and no artificial colours or sweeteners. She was interested in creating products appropriate to sports in the Australian climate, and that are absorbed quickly and, in turn, gentle on an athlete’s gut during intense endurance events.

A vegetarian, she also wanted to make products that were high in protein too. From there she developed protein powders for recovery, using Organic Pea Protein which are also easy to digest.

She also released her Super Greens range, which she says is a “daily supplement to fight fatigue and illness for when you have a lot on your plate, trying to train as well as manage work, kids and family.” The latest release is a Low-Calorie Hydrator made from coconut water, which is perfect to rehydrate you post-training or during any activity.

Bindi has recorded strong growth and importantly become a trusted go-to business for sports nutrition needs, now fielding orders from right across the country. Belinda credits the success of the business to date with the strong support she’s received from the local community’s swimming running and cycling groups. Those groups have continued to provide advice and feedback which has helped perfect the Bindi range.

Some new products in the pipeline include ready-made breakfast smoothies, natural gels and packing her Bindi Bars for wider sale.

Belinda’s next event is the Busselton Jetty Swim in February – her thirteenth Jetty Swim. It’s an event she’s particularly looking forward to this year, with Belinda, her husband, two of their children and their grandfather all swimming!

Bindi will provide her natural sports hydration drink for all competitors as they cross the finish line on race day.   There will be samples of all the Bindi products available for competitors and spectators to try, plus vouchers in the race packs that can be redeemed on race day.  There will also be a stall at briefing night on 16 March at the Claremont Showgrounds, where Belinda will provide samples of her products and will explain more about how to use them to achieve the best out of your swim.


Pic: Belinda Dennis Busselton Jetty Swim and riding in the SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia

Jan 12 2017 - 8:45am