December 2015 Training Update

Key Training Tips

Ceinwen Roberts

We hope your training for the Port to Pub is going well. Being consistent is so important to your improvement – you will really feel the difference in your stroke if you miss a week or even a few days of training. At this busy time of year, it’s really important to stay on track by locking your swim training into your diary and making it a priority. If you’re not swimming in a squad, organise to swim with a friend so you have someone to keep you on track and accountable!

Here are some training tips that will make a big difference to your success on the day:

  • Swimming in salt water is very different from the pool so make sure you are doing a good portion of your training in the ocean.
  • Make sure your bathers are comfortable and aren’t causing chaff. If you do find you are chaffing, make sure you use Glide or Vasoline to reduce this.
  • Get some properly fitting goggles.
  • Experiment with fluids and foods – everyone has different nutrition requirements and are affected differently by certain food and drink. Practice eating and drinking in the ocean too. 
  • Practice ‘sighting’ and swimming in a straight line – you don’t want to be swimming any further than you need to.
  • Practice with your paddler – especially if you’re competing as a solo swimmer. Paddlers are such an important part of your day! Make sure they know your stroke, stroke rate, your food and drink preferences, what motivates you, and hand signals to use so you don’t have to keep stopping to communicate.
  • Work on your pace – aim to find a pace in your swimming that you can maintain over the distance. You don’t want to go out too hard and run out of energy, but at the same time you don’t want to go too slowly and jeopardise your overall swim time. In your training, find a comfortable pace you can hold consistently over 500m – 1km and work on holding that over longer stretches each week.

The work you put in now will make your swim on 19 March 2016 so much better. Happy training!

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Dec 31 2015 - 9:15am