February 2016 Training Update

February Training Update

Ceinwen Roberts


Only four weeks to go now until you will be stepping out onto the shore of Leighton Beach and plunging into the ocean, not stopping until you get to an island of paradise…..

Some of you may be feeling a bit over it. Going up and down that black line over and over, day in and day out, it may still seem like such a long way away, but trust me, before you know it race day will be here and you will be so grateful that you stuck with it and kept on training.

Here is a little challenge to keep you all focused. Once a week on a chosen consistent day, do the following set, preferably with someone so you don’t pull out after the first two!


10 x 100m with 30 seconds rest


10 x 200m with 45 seconds rest


10 x 400m with a 1 minute rest

Try and hold your best possible average time.

Record your average time in your phone, or diary and the next week see if you can hold that or do better – especially hanging on for number 7, 8 and 9 when fatigue is really kicking in…. and remember, you’ll always have something left in the tank for number 10.

Do this for the next four weeks – that final week will be taper week so make that your last slog until the swim.

Always think about how you want to feel at the start line. Confident and excited, knowing you have done the work?  Or nervous, anxious and scared, wishing you had done more?

Good luck and we will touch base in that final week when you taper down and rest up!



Feb 26 2016 - 2:30pm