Fremantle Foundation

This year, we’re proud to be supporting the Fremantle Foundation and the work it does to help those groups in need in the Fremantle and surrounds. Groups like Fremantle PCYC, Tomorrow Man, Night Hoops, and Ngalla Maya will benefit from your support. Please donate when you register if you can, or use your swim to fundraise. If you have another charity to like to raise funds for, you can set up an Everyday Hero account. Find out more by visiting

Each month, we’ll show you and example of how grants from the Fremantle Foundation is helping groups in need

If you have another charity to like to raise funds for, you can set up an Everyday Hero account. Find out more by visiting

Fremantle PCYC - Providing a Safe Space 

The Fremantle PCYC Safe Space program provides young people with a safe environment away from home and school where life can sometimes be challenging and difficult. 

Many of the young people at Safe Space are exposed to domestic violence, substance abuse, poverty and bullying. The young people are often disengaged from school; there is not a clear pathway to a future where there are jobs or a sense of belonging to a community.

The Fremantle Foundation’s support of the Safe Space program, has allowed Fremantle PCYC to provide significant opportunities to young people over the past year; fitness, nutrition, support and guidance that was able to improve the self-esteem and self-worth of the young attendees.

Financial support from the Fremantle Foundation has allowed Fremantle PCYC to commence new youth diversionary programs, designed to attract and engage with different segments of Fremantle's young people. 

Safe Sistas is a spin on the Safe Space program, which is aimed at young women specifically, bringing them together for one night a week to learn personal development in an environment that is supportive and safe, without judgement or distractions. It’s a place the girls feel safe, hang with friends, get away from their troubles at home and learn some valuable life skills such as resume writing, cooking and personal development. 

The Gnarniny Program at Hilton Harvest Community Garden is a food-based program where participants grow, harvest and then prepare their own food - they learn lessons in nutrition, taking care of things and working with others. 

The PCYC has also been able to introduce a Breakfast Club for up to 20 children who were often attending the Safe Space afternoon program hungry because they hadn’t been able to eat breakfast or lunch. The Breakfast Program is improving food security and nutrition for these children and providing them with a better opportunity to excel academically, emotionally and socially.

Nov 14 2018 - 1:45pm