Fremantle Foundation -Kai Eardley Fund

Perth-based Kai Eardley Fund has been set up to help raise awareness and support for Australians suffering mental health issues. 

In 2016, Claire Eardley’s son Kai took his own life, leaving his family completely devastated, but determined to make a change. To honour Kai’s memory, they embarked on a mission to create positive change for the mental health of today’s youth. Together they created the Kai Eardley Fund at the Fremantle Foundation, with the aim of developing a peer-based program available to young men to provide them with the skills to navigate mental illness and endure the crises they will inevitably encounter in life. 

Through the Fremantle Foundation, Claire has been able to support the important delivery of mental health workshops in schools and sporting clubs. The Kai Eardley Fund held over 120 workshops in WA in 2018 along – impacting over 4000 boys’ lives, and it hopes to grow this figure in 2019 and reach even more schools and sporting arenas. All funds donated go directly towards the Tomorrow Manworkshop - a two-hour, peer-based interactive session breaking the man code and masculine stereotype, and creating the space for boys to have authentic honest communication.

 The Kai Eardley Fund team is generously providing swimmers and paddlers with comforting hot drinks and sweet treats after the race in the swimmer/paddler recovery area  - please go and say hello and enjoy a warm drink and refreshment.

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Mar 5 2019 - 2:00pm