Fundraising Spotlight - Earbus Foundation

We have been profiling the work our 2020 charity partner, the Fremantle Foundation is doing in the WA community, supporting wide range of programs to help groups in need.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) specifies that rates of chronic Otitis Media (OM) above 4% in children constitutes a “massive public health problem” requiring urgent attention. Australia is the only western country with documented chronic suppurative OM rates above 6%.

Funding from the Fremantle Foundation’s Impact100 Fremantle has provided funding for a three-year project to establish a metropolitan program to deliver ear health screening, surveillance and treatment pathways for Aboriginal and at-risk children in the Cities of Fremantle, East Fremantle, Cockburn and Melville.

Funding will be used to customise a fit-out of a vehicle to be used as a mobile children’s hearing clinic and employ clinicians. The mobile clinic will visit sites to screen children’s ears and identify those who need treatment and further referral to the locally based ENT clinic.

The key objectives are the reduction in middle ear disease and high attendance rates. Healthy ears are the key to children’s learning at school.

Children who can’t hear, can’t learn.

Please donate to the Fremantle Foundation when you register if you can, or use your swim to fundraise.

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Jan 16 2020 - 1:15pm