Hotel Rottnest

Hotel Rottnest, where the Port to Pub finishes


New Samphire Rottnest luxury accommodation

Port to Pub swimmers cross the finish line on the white sandy beach directly in front of the iconic Hotel Rottnest.  

Hotel Rottnest is a major sponsor of the event, and has supported it from the very beginning.

The Hotel hosts the swimmer recovery area with warm showers, food, hydration, sports massage, and physio advice. Once you’re ready to relax, Hotel Rottnest can’t wait to welcome you, your team and support crew to celebrate your swim at one of Australia's best beachside venues. 

Food and drink are available all day long from the Hotel’s stunning menu which includes locally-sourced produce and all your tipples of choice. Hotel Rottnest has undergone an incredible expansion with the launch of the Prendiville Group’s newest venture, Samphire Rottnest. Here, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the relaxed coastal vibe of Thomson Bay and discover the best of Rottnest Island.

Feb 12 2021 - 3:00pm