Medals for the 2018 Port to Pub, thanks to Blackmores Mentors

All successful swimmers across the finish line will receive a medal along with their towel and cap this year. The medal will be a reminder of your fantastic achievement making it across the Rottnest Channel from Leighton Beach to the Hotel Rottnest either as a solo swimmer or as a team member.

The 2018 medal has been generously donated by Blackmores Mentors. Blackmores Mentors is a brand-new WA-based business and its mission is to provide guidance to help people energise their life in work, wealth and health.

Blackmores Mentors has been established by Peter Blackmore and he and a group of specialists will draw on their experiences as part of the service. Peter has been managing and mentoring in work, wealth and health over many years. He was previously CEO of two Wesfarmers-owned companies, is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors, and holds a Master’s degree. He has also founded consultancies and a technology start-up.

He suffered a heart attack at a relatively young age and credits swimming for keeping him healthy. Swimming has always been a significant part of Peter’s life and he’s been very active in the WA swimming community. He co-founded the Rottnest Channel Swim in the 1990s, then called the Swim to Rotto. He has completed Rottnest Channel solos and led teams across the English Channel a number of times.

Seeing the success of others through leadership mentoring and coaching has been dominant passion for Peter through his various experiences in work, wealth and health.

If you’d like any more information on Blackmores Mentors, please contact Peter on or phone +61 419 904 509


Jan 16 2018 - 1:30pm