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Many of the best business ideas are borne out of personal experience and a need to find a better solution to something. Such was the case for Jeff and Dee Norton, who founded and still own Perth-based Swimmer’s World. Operating since 2008, it is the only specialised swim shop in WA and one of the only in the country.

Wind back the clock a decade and Jeff and Dee were busy parents to a couple of keen and successful swimmers. Their son Joel, then aged 11, had become the youngest boy to compete in the national championships. He was only young but at 6ft1, Jeff and Dee found sourcing racing gear for Joel increasingly difficult.

“At the time no one in WA was selling racing suits at all and the only swim shops around were small outlets attached to pools, so it gave us the idea to set up a specialised business for swimmers and triathletes,” said Jeff.

Dee hails from a family of professional swimmer and surf lifesavers, so to the Nortons, it felt like a good fit. And it proved to be good timing. It took a lot of years to build the business up, but they’ve recorded growth every year, which necessitated a move to a bigger space in 2014, and they have further expansion plans afoot.

A lot of it has come down to involvement in the industry. Jeff and Dee spend every single weekend at open water and pool-based swimming events. They sponsor a number of events and teams including the WA State team, and are the official merchandise partner for Swimming WA.

They also attribute a lot of their success to the fact they have everything a swimmer or triathlete would need in the one shop. And you can try everything on. The shop’s biggest sellers are goggles, fins, Speedo backpacks (they sell 700 each summer) and Funkita bathers. Online orders now come in from around the world – from Greece, Korea, New Zealand and France.

The biggest highlight of their time fronting the shop? “We saw Darren Beasley from Swimming WA walk in one day, and right behind him was Dawn Fraser,” recall Jeff and Dee, who showed her around the store. A photo of Jeff and Dee with Dawn hangs proudly in the store.

Swimmer’s World is very proud to be sponsoring Port to Pub and Jeff and Dee will happily help advise Port to Pub swimmers to make sure they have all the right gear for the race.

Swimmer’s World, 56 Grantham St, Wembley 6014

+61 8 9383 9413

Dec 14 2016 - 4:30pm