Nutrition Ignition - Christmas is only One Day


David Bryant, Sports Dietitian, Catalyst Dietitian


It’s the time of year when I am often asked by clients about how to keep training on track over the break, and how to prevent the ‘Christmas bulge.’

On diet, the top questions I receive are:

“What should or shouldn’t I eat at Christmas?”

“Should I eat a low carb diet at Christmas?”

“Do spirits have less calories than beer?”

They’re all good questions. First and foremost, though, if you celebrate Christmas, you must just enjoy the day, the food and festivities.

As I often remind clients, the way you look right now is not because of what you ate for Christmas lunch in 2017! That means, eat the crackling, enjoy the pavlova and enjoy a beer or two. It’s a special day for lots of people, where we should eat without guilt knowing it WILL NOT change our body composition.

However, a December/January of Christmas lunches could potentially affect our body composition and training performance goals.

My number tip during this time of year? Avoid the blur. What that means is, look at your social calendar and if you realise you are out two, three or four times in a week, it’s best to approach a couple of these occasions with a sensible frame-of-mind from a food choice perspective.

The ‘blur’ happens when you just decide to eat and drink whatever you want at occasion after occasion – this will have a compounding affect after a while.

So, avoid the blur, but also enjoy the special occasions too. I certainly will - washed down with a beer and pavlova or two – cheers and Merry Christmas!

Dec 19 2018 - 12:45pm