Port to Pub Training Guide: 10 Week Countdown!

We hope you have had a nice Christmas break and are now raring to get back to training. You have 10 weeks to go! Here is your Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub Training Guide to help keep you motivated and to give you some guidance in the lead up to the swim!


  • Designed for swimmers who need some idea of where their training should be at.
  • This is a guide only. If you are in a squad, your coach may have a different plan that is catered specifically for you and your squad.
  • If you want any more detail on the program, please contact us.
  • The program provides a range of distances per week depending on if you are a first timer, or an experienced open water swimmer
  • If you are finding your program too easy, it’s a good idea to train according to the next category up (eg: train using the team of 4 program rather than the team of 6)
  • We have also included the various Western Australian open water swim events that are on every weekend leading up to the Port to Pub.


  • Train with your team mates or other soloists to help push you along and make sure you turn up, otherwise join a squad.
  • Train and prepare for the ’worst-case scenario.’ Swim in rough and cold ocean conditions when you can!
  • Make sure you train in the open water, as suggested in the guides below. Swimming in the ocean is VERY different from swimming in the pool and you need to be prepared.
  • Practicing with your paddler is a MUST for both the swimmer and paddler, so your paddler becomes familiar with your stroke - which side you prefer to swim on, for oncoming waves, for directions and feeding practice (solos).
  • Practice with the goggles/cap and swim suit you plan to wear on the day, as well as where to put anti-chaffing products along your neck, underarms and along swimsuit seams.
  • Do a test run of what you will eat on the morning of the swim and the evening before, so you don’t get any unexpected nasty surprises on the day!
  • Check our website for great nutritional advice from David Bryant from Catalyst Dietitian.
  • For swimmer screens, injury prevention and fixing up any niggles we highly recommend you see Prue Stokes from South Cottesloe Physiotherapy. Prevention is better than waiting for an injury to happen so please book in to see Prue asap as she is a popular girl!
  • Regular massages are important for muscles recovery, Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic are the best – all the swim champions and go see Bernd and his team so they must be good!

Good luck and train hard #youneverregretaswim, #aswimforall and #porttopub on Instagram and Facebook to show us how you are going!


Jan 12 2017 - 7:15am