Rottnest In Focus For Our 2021 Artwork


Perth artist Genevieve Montgomerie is our 2021 feature artist. Genevieve's beautiful acrylic painting depicts an aerial view of swimmers taking their final strokes towards the finish line at the shores of Thomson Bay in front of Hotel Rottnest.

Genevieve has generously donated her time and the painting to Port to Pub, and it will be auctioned at the race briefing on 11 March 2021, with all proceeds going to our charity partner, Telethon. She spoke to Port to Pub’s Jane Munday.

I was born and raised in Melbourne but I’ve lived on the sunny West coast now for 22 years – almost longer than I was in Victoria!

I started out studying Visual Arts Education at Melbourne University and became a secondary school teacher at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. I had the opportunity to visit WA, with my now husband Chris, and I fell in love with the colours of the WA coast - the ranges of blues, from turquoise to sapphire, and the bright white sand. I started sketching and painting the WA coastline and I haven’t stopped!

We ended up moving to WA in 1997 and haven’t looked back. WA is our home. Our three kids have been born and raised here and I love the coastline and the Indian Ocean as much now as the first day I saw it. I think my paintings strike a chord with Western Australians – it is so familiar, it is home.

It was such a delight to be asked to be Port to Pub’s 2021 feature artist. 

‘And Here They Come…’ is acrylic on canvas and is 106cm x 81cm.

For me, it’s is a celebration of feeling the sand between your toes in the shallows at Thomson Bay, after you’ve swum the gruelling distance between Leighton Beach and Rottnest Island.

Rounding the jetty and hearing the celebratory roar from the colourful array of spectators from the beach and the pub… this painting seeks to capture the energy, the light, the relief, the pride, the accomplishment, the friendships and the support networks that make being a participant possible. 

Swimming and mastering the Rottnest Channel is such an iconic Western Australian accomplishment. Whether as a solo or in a team, it is the essence of Western Australia’s determination, dedication and passion… concluding with a huge celebration at Hotel Rottnest! 

Port to Pub is a feast for the eyes - for its display of fitness, colour, courage and celebration. I hope I have done it justice.

Nov 11 2020 - 2:15pm