Swimmer Nutrition Tips with David Bryant

Unfortunately, you can’t outswim a bad diet. So, before we get into the specific of performance nutrition to maximise your swim across to Rottnest, let’s get back to basics with food.

Most recent statistics highlight that less than 4% of Australians consume the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 vegetables per day. JUST 4%! See this recommendation as your multi vitamin and immune strengthen.

Furthermore, as fruit and vegetables (particularly veg) are mostly water fibre, they fill us up for a relatively low kilojoule cost. Therefore, having vegetables across the entire day (not just at dinner time) will ensure we keep fuller for longer. Think of some ways you could incorporate more vegetables into your day? Tomato bruschetta with ricotta on toast for brekky? Vege sticks for morning tea? A big citrus coleslaw as a side for lunch?

Fruit and vegetables, broadly speaking, are inexpensive. They are usually $1-$10/kg compared to most packaged/processed food which is sometimes 10-20x the price per kg. The benefits of fruit and veg are never ending. ENJOY!

Nov 13 2016 - 6:15am