Swimmer Nutrition Tips with David Bryant

Getting through the festive period

Christmas Day will not make you fat. However, a December of Christmases will!

Everyone is worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when really, what we should be worried about is what we eat between New Years and Christmas Day!

What’s the take home message here? Don’t make the next month a blur, where every social event you approach with the mindset of, “well it is Christmas/New Year so I am going to have this to eat, and that to drink.”

Look at your social calendar, how busy is it? Do you have four food/alcohol related events over a weekend? If this is the case, prioritise maybe one event you are particularly looking forward to and enjoy all the yummy foods/drinks WITHOUT any guilt. ENJOY.

On the flipside, maybe approach another event with this mindset: “You know what? I have a busy week ahead, tonight I’m still going to enjoy myself, but I will eat as sensibly as I can and listen to my hunger cues.”

With regards to swimming during this period, my best advice would be to get your sessions done in the morning; it will kick start your metabolism for the day and let’s face it, the chance of other social events getting in the way of an evening swim is quite high at this time of the year.

David Bryant, Catalyst Dietitian


Dec 14 2016 - 4:15pm