TAMS team swimming for Saba

We’re really pleased to have the TAMS Group back on board in 2018. Once again, the TAMS Tugboat will provide a highly visible waypoint at the 1500m mark of the race (swimmers must not proceed past this point until they’ve met up with their paddler and support boat).

Established in 1999, TAMS offers a wide range of integrated marine services, including tug and workboat services, dredging and inshore construction, mooring installation and commercial diving services, quality fibre and rope product supply, marine manning and salvage work.

Its facilities include Northport Marine Services, where a team skilled tradespeople are able to keep your recreational vessel in perfect order.

This year, TAMS has entered two teams in the Port to Pub and are using the event to raise awareness of The Saba Rose Button Foundation in recognition of the fantastic work it does in supporting special needs children and their families.

This foundation was originally established to help support Saba Rose Button who has brain damage (CP), quadriplegia and epilepsy because of a severe reaction to the flu vaccination in 2010.

In 2014, the foundation sought, and was ultimately granted, approval to provide much needed financial support for therapy and care to other families who have children in similar circumstances to that of Saba.

The Saba Rose Button Foundation raises funds for special needs to children to access ‘intensive blocks’ of therapy to achieve their rehabilitation goals. The SRBF provides specialised equipment for these children and respite/care for them and their families.  

Other than charities like the SRBF, it is very difficult to access funding for most equipment outside of the basic essentials and there is no funding allocated for ‘intensive’ blocks of intensive therapy for children who need this. TEAM SABA is the name of the ‘team’ who ‘actively’ get out there in the community to raise funds and awareness!! The SRBF is a non-for-profit charity.

Please CLICK HERE to access the funding page and donate in support of the SRBF.

Good luck TEAM SABA!

Image: TAMS Team Kirsten Smith, Brendan O’Leary, Marty Terwal, Liz Northern, Chris Dwyer, Jason Mayen

Jan 16 2018 - 1:30pm