Training Update with Ceinwen Roberts

We are four months out from the 2017 Port to Pub swim. If you have been too busy to get down to the pool to start training, it’s not too late. Now is a perfect time to round up a few mates at a Christmas party and make a pact with each other to do the Port to Pub! Register now and you have until 06 March 2017 to get everything in order and update your details.

Soloists - you should be well underway in your training regime, picking up the kms now and possibly gearing up to do the 10km qualifier at Mullaloo on 27 December. This is a perfect chance to see where you are at, practice your feeding and see how your body feels over 10km. As a solo swimmer, the Christmas break is a perfect time to spend a few extra hours down at the pool or in the ocean, so make the most of it and start the new year with a few kms under your belt, not a few kgs over the belt!

It’s also a good time to start treating your body to some stretching and massage, as you may start to feel a bit worn out.

Whatever distance you are doing, don’t slack off over December – this is the time to start ramping up!

Dec 14 2016 - 4:15pm