We’re collecting any spare goggles you may have TOMORROW at the race briefing and the Port to Pub start line at Leighton Beach on behalf of 25km swimmer Troy Santen, who will deliver them to Warburton, ~1000km NE of Kalgoorlie, next month.


“In October I visited the community. There are 70 kids in town with the main after-school activity in town being the pool when the weather is hot which it is for much of the year. When we visited, they were so excited to try on and use my goggles. They only had two pairs of goggles in the whole community!  A month later I posted 30 pairs to Warburton. The lifeguard at the pool told me they felt very ‘professional’ in their new goggles for their summer swimming lessons. 

Warburton’s kids were truly the nicest I’ve ever met (my 10-year-old son wants to move there) though school attendance is a real issue across the community. The rule is only those that attended school that day can use the pool straight from school, which is a great incentive, and the goggles will likely be used as another way to encourage school attendance.

While I have sent a first consignment of goggles, the kids are quite boisterous and a tad 'hard wearing’ on their goggles. Kids from surrounding communities also come in for lessons so they need more pairs!

We have collected lots so far, and we’re looking for extra stocks. Thank you for your donations at the Port to Pub race briefing and start line at Leighton Beach!”

Mar 11 2020 - 9:45am