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Instructions for downloading and installing the Port to Pub app for iPhone and iPad



The Port to Pub app is for friends and families of swimmers taking part in the Port to Pub swim from Leighton beach to Rottnest Island.

The Port to Pub app is free to download and can be used by both a swimmers crew, to share your location during the swim, and by friends and family for tracking your location during the swim.   The app also works will on an iPad with a data SIM.

To install and configure the app follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Port to Pub app from the iPhone App Store apSwim app
  1. Run the Port to Pub app. You will see the dashboard page, which has some useful information for your crew including how far you are from the start and finish of the swim.  If you are sharing your location (instructions below) the time you last shared your location will be shown at the bottom left of this page.
  2. The Map page shows a map of the area between Leighton and Rottnest with swimmer icons, colour coded for the different categories.    You can see where the other swimmers are, and if you are sharing your location, you can check that your location is reaching the map.  Normally the map should automatically refresh, but if it doesn't you can press the Refresh button to fetch the latest swimmer positions.  To move the map to your current location, and track your movements, you can press the arrow icon at the top left.
  3. The options page is where you can configure your swimmer details, and switch ON and OFF sharing your location.
  4. If you are a swimmer (or swimmers crew) and want to share your location, configure the settings as follows:
    1. Enter your swimmer (or team) number. Do not enter anything else here or it will not work. Just your number (e.g. 0045, or 0126, or 0056 etc).  Note if you don't have a swimmer number but desperately want to test the system, then please use one of the test swimmer numbers in the range 0700 to 0800
    2. Choose your swimmer or team type.
    3. Enter your team name or your name if you are a solo
    4. Choose a sharing frequency (1 minute is a good default)
    5. Switch Sharing ON to start sharing your location
  5. The Port to Pub app should now share your location with other Port to Pub apps whenever the Sharing is switched to ON and the phone has a phone signal. 

You should check that you can see a swimmer icon with your number on it at your current location on the map page.  You should also check on another iPhone or iPad that you can see the same swimmer icon.

  1. After testing that the tracking works, you can switch sharing to OFF, and then instruct your crew on how it works.  On the day of your swim, your crew can switch sharing ON at the beginning of the swim, and switch it OFF at the end.  They should also monitor whether it is working either by checking the map page in the app, or asking someone with another copy of the app to see if they can see your location

Note that you can answer incoming calls, and the app will keep transmitting. You can also run other apps and the app will keep transmitting. 

Also note that you do not need to leave the screen running, you can press the button on the top of your iPhone to save battery life and the app will continue to send location updates.

The Port to Pub app is optimized to minimize the use of power, but it still uses more power than if you don't have the app running.  

In testing with a full battery charge the phone has lasted for up to 12 hours.  However, if possible you should use a source of extra power, like an iPhone battery extender, or if your boat has a 12V power source, a car charger to top up the power during the swim. 

Also remember to switch sharing OFF at the end of the swim so that the app will stop sending your location to the web page and stop using your phone's battery.