Sponsor Spotlight: HIF

12 December 2023

Sleep eazzzy with Port to Pub sponsor HIF

Port to Pub sponsor HIF is a member-focused, not-for-profit offering great value health and travel insurance. HIF’s philosophy is to give members the freedom to choose when it comes to their healthcare providers.

HIF is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of its members by providing better choice and access to hospital, medical and Extras services, including physio, chiro and osteo—all the things swimmers need to keep their bodies in tip-top condition on their Rottnest training journey.

HIF is also championing the importance of sleep through our Sleep Eazzzy with HIF program, offering products and services to help members get a better night’s shut eye. Because we know sleep is a key pillar of health and just as important as diet and exercise.

For more information visit hif.com.au.