Offset your carbon emissions

At Port to Pub, we have put a number of measures in place to make our event more environmentally friendly and, in conjunction with MCC Environmental, we want to give swimmers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions generated by participating in the event.

When considering your carbon footprint and how to reduce your impact on the environment, the priority should always be to reduce what you can first before offsetting the rest (if you choose to do so).  Prevention is always the best cure!

However, some emissions are difficult to avoid and that is where offsetting can provide a great solution. Read on for some simple steps to follow to offset your swim with Carbon Neutral.

What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset is generated by an activity that either prevents the release, reduces, or removes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the atmosphere. Examples include:

  • solar projects as an alternative to traditional power generation, preventing the ongoing release of GHGs associated with coal and gas
  • provision of energy-efficient LPG cooking stoves to replace traditional wood or coal stoves, reducing emissions
  • reforestation projects where trees are planted, removing emissions from the atmosphere.

Carbon offsets are typically measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e). One tonne of carbon offset means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide (or an equivalent GHG) in the atmosphere than there otherwise would have been.

Why do the prices of offsets vary?

The prices of the offsets are based on a number of factors such as:

  1. Type of project – The start-up and ongoing maintenance costs vary between projects. For example, a reforestation project would require more long-term maintenance than a solar energy project, for weed/pest management, employment and fire breaks, for example.
  2. Quality of the project – this is based on the co-benefits of the project and/or UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – the more goals it can achieve, the better the quality, read more here. Also, what the project is verified under – verification bodies include Gold Standard, Verra, UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER). Some bodies have more stringent criteria than others and so those certified under the stringent standards can be considered higher “quality”.
  3. Location – the costs associated with establishment and ongoing costs of a project in a developed country would be more than a developing country.

How do I offset my Port to Pub swim?

Port to Pub have partnered with the carbon solutions provider and offset developer, Carbon Neutral, to bring you a range of recommended, verified offsetting options to assist in making your swim carbon neutral. To choose and purchase your offset, head to the Carbon Neutral website, and follow the below steps:

  1. Choose from 7 different offsetting projects offered
  2. On your chosen project page, select how many tonnes you would like to offset (noting that 1 tonne per swimmer is more than enough to cover your emissions for the event) and select “Add to cart”
  3. At the checkout, include your individual personal details (name, country, email and password) and for the Organisation Name section please enter “Port to Pub
  4. Then complete payment details and wait for your verified offset certificate to arrive in your inbox.

If you have any more queries around offsets and how they work, please visit Carbon Neutral’s FAQ webpage.

View our Tips for a Sustainable Swim, download PDF.