Swimmer Spotlight: Ultramarathon Swimmer Peter Stewart

13 March 2024

Swimmer Spotlight: Ultramarathon Swimmer Peter Stewart

In an inspiring comeback, Peter Stewart, 68, from Frankston, Victoria and an eminent open water swimmer known for his channel crossings and age group records. Stewart has announced his participation in the Euroz Hartleys Port to Pub with Hotel Rottnest on March 16, after an unpredicted setback in the previous year’s race, where he was unable to finish due his kayaker capsizing at 22km. Stewart is now returning with a renewed spirit and an unwavering goal: to become the oldest person to complete the Australian Triple Crown of marathon swimming. He has already completed the Derwent Big Swim in the series.

Stewart is not only challenging the limits of endurance but also chasing a milestone to add to his international swimming accomplishments, including includes the iconic English Channel, which he has already mastered, becoming the sixth oldest person to complete. He has been accepted to swim the Manhattan 20 Bridges in September 2023, making him the oldest on record.

“Last year’s race was a lesson in resilience,” said Stewart. “The conditions may have halted my swim at the 22-kilometer mark, but my determination is unshaken. The Australian Triple Crown is a testament to a lifetime of dedication to the sport I love, and I’m eager to showcase that persistence pays off.”

While navigating the complexities of training across continents, Stewart has kept his eyes set on the prize; “Swimming is not just a sport but a way of life that continuously teaches me to adapt and overcome,” said Stewart. Despite a minor setback with his shoulder, he has maintained a rigorous training regime, both in the pool and in open waters.

Beyond personal achievement, Stewart is also committed for environmental causes, having raised over $5,000 for the Great Ocean Cleanup over the years. His commitment to environmental cause and community involvement is a significant part of his narrative as he prepares for this year’s swim.

Stewarts’s journey is one of endurance, passion, and love for open water swimming. He is an inspiration not only to his peers in the swimming community but to all those who face their own challenges. His participation also shines a light on the significance of the Port to Pub swim as a platform for swimmers of all ages to push their boundaries and strive for greatness.

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