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Hypothermia - What you need to know

Explanation: One of the biggest risks in swimming over long distances is hypothermia. Before your Port to Pub swim, it is crucial you know what it is, signs and symptoms, and how to treat it.

Hypothermia is a significant risk for solo swimmers who are in the water for a very long time, but similarly for teams of four and six, whose members are spending a lot of time on the boat and exposed to the wind.

Physio Tips with Prue Stokes, South Cott Physiotherapy 

With Port to Pub only 4 weeks away, I am sure you are all well in to your training. As a Sports Physio working in open water swimming, one of the most common problems I see as the athletes ramp up their training load leading in to an endurance event is a progressive tightening of the upper back, called the thoracic spine.

Good flexibility of the thoracic spine is imperative in open water swimming to enable:

Race Day Nutrition with David Bryant, Catalyst Dietitian

You wouldn’t try a new swim stroke on race day, so certainly do not try new foods on race day.

The Port to Pub is rapidly approaching so now is the time to start thinking about the foods you’ll be trying the days before, the night before, the morning of and during the iconic swim.

Race Week

Art Created Just for Port to Pub

We are so lucky to have the work of Perth-based digital artist Lizzie Marinko feature on the competitor hoodies and towels this year. The piece is created from a photo taken of the 2017 mixed team of four wave start on Leighton Beach.


As a family-owned WA company started in 1979, Scott Print has always looked to give back to the community, and after its support at our inaugural Port to Pub in 2016, we’re thrilled to have the Scotts team back on board as a sponsor again for the third year running!


MEET OUR SPONSORS: Jamie Loh Real Estate

There are some people in our community that need no formal introduction. Jamie Loh is unquestionable one of them – and that’s no accident.


For well over two decades, Jamie and his team at Jamie Loh Real Estate have created a new benchmark in the real estate game. A former investment banker, Jamie has focused his business in the Cottesloe and broader Western Suburbs market.


Time To Get Organised

If you haven’t registered to swim yet, we suggest you get online quickly at www.porttopub.com.au as registrations close on 01 March 2018.  We know you’ll be busy stepping up your training but here’s a quick reminder and check list of the key details to ensure you’re fully organised and have an awesome day.

Are your registration details up to date?