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Port to Pub News

Look who's swimming in 2017 - Aaron Ellis-Kerr

Pilbara-based Aaron Ellis-Kerr will compete in the Port to Pub as a solo swimmer in 2017. Training in a hot climate and in an isolated town has its challenges, but as Aaron is proving, it’s far from impossible. Here’s his story:

Physio Tips with Prue Stokes

Prue StokeI have travelled as the team sports physio for the Australian Open Water swim team every year since 2010. Working with open water swimmers, I am used to assessing and treating injuries caused by training overload. These usually occur due to a fast increase in training volume, but can also result from a change in training (ie. more pull, extra paddle use).

Swimmer Nutrition Tips with David Bryant

Unfortunately, you can’t outswim a bad diet. So, before we get into the specific of performance nutrition to maximise your swim across to Rottnest, let’s get back to basics with food.

Most recent statistics highlight that less than 4% of Australians consume the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 vegetables per day. JUST 4%! See this recommendation as your multi vitamin and immune strengthen.

2017 Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub launches as 'A Swim for All"

Here at Port to Pub, we’re so excited to launch the 2017 Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim. The first event was a great success. One of the continual pieces of feedback we’ve had was that the atmosphere of the swim was relaxed and fun. That’s exactly what we wanted the event to be, and we intend to keep it that way.

Doing it for Coastcare and R U OK?

If you’re looking to raise money and put your swim to a good cause, please consider Coastcare or R U OK? – both proudly supported by Port to Pub in 2017.

Funds raised for Coastcare will go towards coastal and environmental work in coastal areas in the vicinity of Port to Pub.

R U OK? works tirelessly on suicide prevention, encouraging people to start important conversations by asking, “are you ok?”

Check the fundraising page on the Port to Pub website for details about how you can get involved!

Introducing Our Sponsors

We’ve been lucky to secure the support of some fantastic sponsors again.

We’re grateful for the ongoing support of our naming rights sponsor, Hotel Rottnest. The Port to Pub finishes right in front of the Hotel and the Hotel Rottnest team are busy planning the perfect after party for swimmers and crew.

Merchandise retailer KC Sports joins us in 2017 as a premium sponsor, and has helped Port to Pub put together a great line up of merchandise (order it when you register!).

2016 - what a year it was! 

We could not have been happier with the inaugural Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim. The weather on the day improved and turned into perfect swimming conditions, allowing for some very fast times to be recorded.

The whole atmosphere of the day was happy and relaxed, and we hope it was thoroughly enjoyable for all involved.