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Finding a boat/paddler

Finding a boat and skipper is a challenging part of organising your swim, but don’t give up!

We have a “Port to Pub Supporters page” which you can advertise on for boats/ skippers and paddlers.

Be careful of the skippers who are trying to charge exorbitant prices (over $1500). Costs are fair to cover time, effort, fuel and maintenance. If you are paying a skipper you do not know it is EXTREMELY important that you meet with them a number of times, make sure they get to know you, your style of swimming and any medical history. They need to come to the briefing, know the rules, the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and pulmonary oedema and have a working radio.

Paddlers don’t need to be a competitive and highly skilled, as long as they have a suitable ski, it’s best to get a friend or family – someone who knows you well and can look after you. This person needs to know the signs and symptoms if you’re unwell and in trouble, and have the initiative to know what to do when things don’t go to plan, be someone who will motivate and encourage you and enjoy the adventure.

If you need help finding a Boat or Paddler, post to the website forum, Port to Pub Supporters Facebook page or find community paddling groups

First Timers

There is a lot to get your head around with a swim like this. Here are the basics to sort out first.

Solo/Duo/Team – which category am I prepared for?

Solo swimmers train around 15-40km per week. A compulsory qualifying swim of 10km in open water is required in the time of 4 hrs 15 to qualify and age limit is 14 years.

A duo can still be a big challenge, especially if something happens to your duo partner and they get unwell or have to pull out. Duos should be training 10-30km a week and need to be fit enough to keep pulling themselves out of the water all day also!

Teams can be ages from 13 years and are a great introduction to the swim or if you don’t have the ability and fitness to swim more than 3-5km. These are great for friends, families or colleagues to get together and have a great journey in the training, planning and swim on the day.

You need:

  • a boat to support you – teams and duos will swim in relay style tagging a swimmer and jumping off the boat, while the swimmer climbs on
  • a paddler – compulsory for solos and highly recommended for duos and teams. They can be vital in the case of an emergency.

The swim starts from Leighton Beach in front of Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club. Each category goes off in a wave of around 50 people, 10 mins apart.

The swim finish at the shores of Rottnest Island, right in front of Hotel Rottnest. In the Port to Pub swim you get given a towel, hat, water and fruit at the finish while you recover in the recovery tent and have a shower. We celebrate and have presentations at Hotel Rottnest. You can decide if you stay for a night in the accommodation on the island, head back with your skipper, or catch a later ferry back.

Important Dates

K&L Gates Corporate Cup

In partnership with our legal sponsor K&L Gates, the Port to Pub is thrilled to hold the K&L Gates Corporate Cup again in 2024!

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