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Frequently asked questions

Is there an age limit to enter Port to Pub?

In accordance with WA Open Water Swimming and Australian Open Water Swimming rules, the minimum age of all swimmers at the date of the swim is 13 years. Additionally, thirteen-year-olds can only compete in Port to Pub duo and team events if they have parental or legal guardian consent to take part.

All 19.7km solo and 25km ultramarathon swimmers must be at least 14 years of age at the time of the event. These swimmers must have completed the qualifying standards and been formally accepted by race officials.

ALL swimmers under 18 years must submit a signed parent or guardian consent form to participate in Port to Pub. The Parent/Guardian Consent – Persons Under 18 Years form should be printed, completed (with signature), and returned by email to [email protected] or mail to PO Box 4237, Mosman Park South WA, 6012.

As a solo swimmer can I register without having yet completed my qualifying swim?

Yes, you can register online without having completed your qualifying swim; however, you must complete your qualifying swim and add your qualifying results onto your registration form by the registration closing date.

All solo swimmers must provide evidence of a qualifying swim on their registration form.

Duo and team members: By accepting Port to Pub’s Terms and Conditions on the registration form, you acknowledge you can swim the qualifying swim distances stipulated by Port to Pub.

What are the swimsuit requirements?

Port to Pub swim has two categories available for swimmers: Unassisted and assisted.

Unassisted category

Swimsuits must comply with FINA’s Open Water Swimming Rules. FINA states that a complying suit:

  1. Is of a woven textile material
  2. Does not cover the neck
  3. Does not extend beyond the shoulders or ankles

A list of approved swimsuits can be found on the FINA website. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to ensure that his/her swimsuit complies with FINA rules.

Swimmers MAY NOT:

  1. Wear any item with neoprene or any other buoyant material
  2. Wear anything not within the FINA rules or within the Port to Pub swim exemptions

Swimmers MAY:

  1. Wear two suits as long one suit only comprises of a brief or bikini
  2. Use wool fat/Lanolin/Vasoline
  3. Wear goggles
  4. Wear a nose clip
  5. Wear two caps as long as the outer cap is a Port to Pub cap to show the swimmer’s category
  6. Wear ear plugs
  7. Wear a rash vest

Assisted category

Swimmers in the assisted category must comply with the following rules:

  1. Wetsuits must be no thicker than 5mm
  2. All of the components of the wetsuit must fit the swimmer’s body tightly
  3. Artificial propulsion devices are not to be used
  4. Flotation devices are not to be used
  5. Gloves or socks (including but not limited to compression socks) are not to be worn
  6. May wear a brief or bikini underneath the wetsuit
  7. May wear wool fat/Lanolin/Vasoline
  8. May wear goggles
  9. May wear two caps
  10. May wear a nose clip
  11. May wear ear plugs
  12. May wear a rash vest

Note that if only one team member wears a wetsuit, the entire team is categorised as assisted.

Solo swimmers that swim with a wetsuit will be recorded in the Assisted solo category.

Assisted swimmers will NOT be competing against unassisted swimmers for prizes and/or records.

Do I need insurance?

Individual WAASA members and Surf Lifesaving Club members have personal insurance for all swimming events. All other competitors requiring personal insurance must make their own arrangements. The Port to Pub event does not have personal accident insurance for competitors. The Port to Pub Committee will not accept liability for personal or property damage resulting from your participation in the event. We strongly recommend that all participants ensure they are adequately insured for the risks present on the day of the event.

Where can I buy merchandise?

Merchandise can be purchased through your registration form and online from KC Australia.

Merchandise will also be available for purchase at all pre-race briefings as well as at the finish line on event day.

Can I update my registration details?

You can make changes to you registration form until registrations close. To do this, simply log back into your registration form on Race Roster to make changes. Email us at [email protected] if you need assistance.

Can swimmers or skippers be changed for duos and teams?

As long as swimmers and skippers meet the requirements of entry, duo and team changes may be made until the date that registrations close.

How do I find a support boat skipper?

We strongly recommend you organise your support boat at least 6 months in advance of Port to Pub (especially interstate and international swimmers). Boat details are required on the registration form, so you need to be organised. You can consider the following options when looking for a support boat and skipper:

  1. Advertise with local sailing/boating clubs. State your request clearly and be open to reimbursing the skipper for time and costs.
  2. Advertise on our website forum and Facebook page.
  3. Advertise on Gumtree or in community newspapers.
  4. Leave messages in appropriate swimming social media forums.
  5. Hire your own boat.

What are the boat size rules?

Vessels used in the Port to Pub event are recommended to be 5-12 metres in length. Vessels of 10m and over are advised to stay to the south of the channel and of the main fleet. Tenders should be 3.1 metres or less in size with a motor not exceeding 5hp. Anything over that size is required to be registered. Tenders also need to carry necessary safety equipment, including a marine radio. It is the skipper’s responsibility to make themselves aware of the regulations and requirements related to travelling to Rottnest Island (see www.dot.wa.gov.au).

Support boats are to be organised by entrants. Your boat must be licensed to carry your whole team including swimmer(s), paddler(s), and all support crew. No personal watercraft (e.g., jet skis) is allowed.

To determine how many people are legally permitted on board please refer to the Department of Transport requirements in the table below.


What equipment is required for support boats?

Support boats must be equipped with all required mandatory marine safety and emergency equipment as per the WA Navigable Water regulations listed below and are encouraged to be a member of Fremantle Sea Rescue.

  1. Recreational Skippers Ticket
  2. Marine Radio an operation two marine radio VHF
  3. Bilge Pump/Bailer
  4. Boats greater than 7 metres must have bilge pump fitted
  5. Boats less than 7 metres must have bilge pump or bailer bucket if bilge pump not fitted
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. Anchor and line
  8. Lifejacket one life jacket (PFD type1) for each person on board including all swimmer and paddlers
  9. Orange flares a minimum of two hand held orange flares
  10. Parachute flares a minimum two parachute distress rocket flares
  11. Boats, by law, are required to carry an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

What happens if the weather is poor on event day?

We do not make any calls about the event related to weather conditions until the morning of the event. We monitor the weather closely, and on the day of the event we seek advice from multiple authorities who assist in making a final decision about whether the race should go ahead. We always put in our maximum effort to ensure that the event proceeds as planned; however, cancellation will occur if there is a high risk to event participants.

Please note, as per Port to Pub Terms & Conditions, no refunds on entry are able to be given if the race is cancelled.

What happens if the event is cancelled?

In the event of a cancellation, a text message will be sent out alerting event participants as to the event’s status.

Skippers will receive SMS and VHF Channel 74 notifications on the morning of the swim. Skippers should also notify their swimmers.

Finally, the event’s PA announcer and Port to Pub social media accounts will broadcast updates regarding event cancellation.

What is the refund policy on entry fees?

Once you’ve registered for the event no refunds will be given, nor will a refund be given if the event is cancelled.

I didn't make it to the race briefing, where can I pick up my race pack?

A briefing for international, interstate, and intrastate competitors will be held at Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club the day before the event. Race packs will be available for collection. Swimmers, skippers, and crew are all welcome.

Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club is located at 20 Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle, Western Australia, 6159.

How can I change my competitor t-shirt?

You can swap your competitor shirt at one of the pre-race briefings or on event day at KC Australia’s stall at the Hotel Rottnest finish line.

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