Thank You from President Ceinwen Roberts

22 March 2024

Thank You from President Ceinwen Roberts

I hope you are still on Cloud 9 (if not in an exhausted, elated mist) after the Euroz Hartleys Port to Pub with Hotel Rottnest last weekend. It’s been amazing hearing stories of the day from start to middle to finish to the pub and to receive your lovely messages of congratulations — thank you for these, they mean a lot to my team and me.

A repeated comment that I have received is that it was “the best day ever.” I wanted to thank and congratulate so many champions out there on the day. Not just the champions who won and broke records — these athletes were outstanding to witness, but also the champions who spent over 9 hours battling the tougher conditions to make it across. These included the young, the old, the first-timers, well done.

Also, the champions who were the skippers who gave up their time and were so generous with their boats and skills; it’s a stressful day out there to help others achieve their dreams. Thank you.

The paddlers need a medal for their hard work (which is something we are looking into next year!) — along with the support crews and feeders, you are the greatest friends to your swimmers.

The champions who were the volunteers arriving early at the start line to set up and send swimmers off; ensuring that everything looked amazing and that everyone felt looked after and supported; those welcoming swimmers at the finish and packing up until late; and those doing all the behind-the-scenes work. Seeing the volunteers create a guard of honour for the final swimmer in, still dancing and cheering, you are all amazing.

Our 17 champion officials on the water for 12 hours on race day and the surf lifesavers at either end ensuring swimmers were safe, we applaud you.

The sponsors and stakeholders who make the event happen with utmost professionalism and high standards, you are also champions.

Another team of champions — my friends and family who help me over many months; working on every 1% to make sure the event is the best day ever, which as it turns out, it seemed it was. Thank you.

When a community of supportive, generous, enthusiastic, goal-driven people come together, a day like the 2024 Port to Pub happens. I want to thank every single person from the bottom of my heart who helped make it the best day ever.