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Port to Pub News

Announcing our partners


The inaugural Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim is really pleased to announce some brilliant new partnerships, and we hope you will support those who support us to make this a spectacular and iconic event.

Leading the pack is our official (and most appropriate) naming partner, Hotel Rottnest. Hotel Rottnest is the swim’s end destination and central hub for festivities into the night. More detail on what is planned will be revealed in the coming months, but we dare say it will be worth the effort.

Didn't we make a splash?

It was an emotional morning for veteran swimmers Trevor Seaborn and Les Stewart as they took the lead in officially launching the Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim on Friday 13 November.

Meet our swimmers

The Smoothy family

In the Port to Pub’s inaugural year, five members of the Smoothy family will take to the water.

Dad, Martin (55), middle son Samuel (17) and youngest daughter Esther (16) will be competing in the 25 kilometre event. Eldest daughter Casey (27) and youngest son Luke (13) will be competing as a duo team.


Have you considered using your swim to support a great cause? One worthy recipient that is close to the hearts of Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub is Coastcare.

Make your swim count and help protect the Western Australian coastline!

December 2015 Training Update

Key Training Tips
Ceinwen Roberts

We hope your training for the Port to Pub is going well. Being consistent is so important to your improvement – you will really feel the difference in your stroke if you miss a week or even a few days of training. At this busy time of year, it’s really important to stay on track by locking your swim training into your diary and making it a priority. If you’re not swimming in a squad, organise to swim with a friend so you have someone to keep you on track and accountable!

Hotel Rottnest port to pub nutrition tips

David Bryant - Sports Dietitian, Catalyst Nutrition and Dietetics


You may not have given it much of thought before, but swimming in a heated pool, a steamy indoor pool, or an outdoor pool on a hot, sunny day can lead to loss of fluid through sweat. As you are in the water, it is difficult to perceive your fluid loss during a swimming session.